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What Is The Advantage Of Working With You?

When you decided to start your own coaching business, I’m sure you made a plan based on your knowledge and your assets. You used every strategy you knew and tried to promote yourself on the market, but all that didn’t seem to get you the success you had hoped for.

The Sales Page – At Least, The Second Most Important Page In A Hopefully, Profitable Website

Depending on how you have designed your website, the ‘sales page’, sometimes called the ‘sales letter’ or ‘landing page’, amongst several other names, will either be the first or second most important page on you site. If the squeeze page, where you entice potential customers to join your email list, is placed first, then that is the most important page, because if the prospect does not sign up he or she will never get to see the sales page. However if you have arranged your site so that the sales page comes before the squeeze page, or, if you do not have a squeeze page at all then the sale page becomes the most important page on your site.

Keep On Coaching, But Differently

Making a living out of coaching is not always easy. Even though you love your profession, you struggle to make yourself visible in the industry, you try every technique or strategy you learnt in coaching school, but that still doesn’t help you get the revenue, the lifestyle and the satisfaction you have always wanted.

12 Best Online Marketing Strategies For 2012

  At this time of each year we think about what we accomplished over the last year – and what we want to improve on for the upcoming new year. From a marketing perspective, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all new ideas and bright shiny objects out there to pull our attention away from the marketing strategies that matter most – those that will actually improve your business and expand your marketing reach. So, in honor of the new year – I present to you the 12 best online marketing strategies to…

Attraction Marketing: The Very Best Online Marketing Technique for Getting Qualified Leads

Probably the most current Online Marketing Strategy today…Attraction Marketing. Being a work from home online business owner you’ll need clients. More particularly, you’ll need an online marketing strategy which will generate qualified leads whom you can convert into clients.

Build a 6 Figure Income Without Your Job

How can I make a living without a job? How can I leave this dead end job and change my life into something worthwhile? For those who have just about given up there is still hope.

Internet Marketing Tips and Ideas For You

Internet marketing seems to be the ‘buzz’ word these days. With countless millions of people coming online every year the industry is growing. Everybody wants to make money online and is searching for that ultimate secrete formula to crack the code to earning an income in ones pajamas.

Internet Money-Making Tips – Build Your List With A Free Compelling Offer

Are you a newcomer to internet money-making systems but have heard that expression – “the money is in the list” and do not really know how to build your list? Read on to discover how you can quickly and easily create an original, free compelling offer with which to build your list.

How to Promote Your Business Website

Have you launched your business website? Now it’s time to promote it. This article tells you how.

Build Your Own Online Business Empire – Here Are 2 Easy Ways To Start Right Now

Online business is not easy. Neither is it very difficult. It’s just the question of knowing what exactly to do and then taking the right actions – consistently. If you are not sure on where or how to begin, read on.

Learn New Effective Time Management Tips and Techniques

Time is a commodity for everyone and as an internet entrepreneur your business suffers unless you know how to manage time effectively. I can show you how to monopolize and manage time wisely. If you have a viral blogging system and a to-do-list schedule you may already know what I’m talking about. They are necessary tools to utilize when it comes to effective time management tips and techniques.

How Travel Agents Can Use SEO to Benefit From the Sheer Numbers

It is a world of digital communication, and the one who communicates, most effectively, online wins. There are over six million searches a month for the keywords: airfare tickets, and over 9 million searches for keywords: cheap airfare. The really big news is, there are twice as many searches for the keyword: travel agency, than there is for the keyword: travel sites. This leaves ample space for travel agents to experience success, online, with clients they have never meet before.

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